Today you are going to learn how to earn cryptocurrency as fast as possible.
First, create an account at: https://coinpot.co/signin.
Write this information down or save it to a notepad file.

          Next, create accounts at each of the following faucet sites.

  1. http://moonbit.co.in/
  2. http://moondoge.co.in/
  3. http://moonliteco.in/
  4. http://moondash.co.in/
  5. http://moonbitcoin.cash/
  6. http://bitfun.co/
  7. http://bonusbitcoin.co/

         You will only have to create these accounts once.
Collect from them every 5-15 minutes as often as possible for maximum results.
Convert all coins to DOGECOIN.
I would recommend downloading the wallet software from https://multidoge.org/?dl=win and withdrawing whenever you reach 50 dogecoins.

         Lastly, download the mining software from https://minergate.com/ and let it run in the background day and night to earn even more crypto.
I would suggest mining Monero and withdrawing it to a wallet which you can obtain at https://wallet.mymonero.com/.

Kindest regards,
         Deer Cowboy  DJz865Hpn7u8yvGcvYokbumAgWJASAZvon